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We have 4 learning packages designed tastefully to take you from 0 to 100

Bronze Pack

This pack include free videos, market updates, showing our monthly profits, sporadic general lectures and webinars about different topics, blogs, answering sporadic questions through Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, teaching trading software packs, etc. We also offer free 20 mins conversation to answer your most basic questions.

Silver Pack

Silver pack includes comprehensive videos on 5 different topics both in English and Persian (General Topics, Basics of Stock Market, Day Trading, Stock Options -a powerful tool for high return-, Forex Market). Each of these packs comprehensively explains what it entails to trade and they are inclusive of the topic they describe. Plus, we will be responsive when it comes to comments and questions arising from the videos. 


Gold Pack

Online one-on-one training and education about verity of topics starting from basic to advanced. Trainings will be done through Skype. There are classes of 10 hours and 20 hours. We offer 1 hour free consultation! If you did not like us during the first hour, we will refund your entire money!


Diamond Pack

Life-investment coaching. This pack will not be offered initially to anyone. Traders need to prove their competency before entering this stage. This pack includes trading with us! We share what we buy/sell, when we buy/sell and how many at what price, we will be trade pals every step of the way.

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