Sliver Pack

This package contains a series of coach-videos that are skillfully designed to take you from zero knowledge in stock market investment to the advanced levels where you can trade stock/options/CFDs/Forex/Futures. The silver pack contains 6 different modules each of which contains at least 300 mins coach-videos and live trading workshops.

What is coach-video? As the name suggests, it is not simply a video! Market Newbie’s mission is to create a community of traders where we can learn from each other by being inquisitive and curious. Once you buy our videos, our coaches and instructors will remain committed to answering your questions regarding the topics taught in the videos. You can leave your questions in the form of comments under the videos and you will get your questions answered with examples and details. Basically, the coach video strives to guarantee your learning by being responsive to your questions while teaching you the most practical trading skills.

Here is what you need to:

  • Open an account with us;

  • Purchase our videos;

  • Leave your comments/questions

  • Get answers from Market Newbie video instructors



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