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Diamond Package

Diamond pack is all inclusive trade-pal program we have for our members. If you purchase the diamond pack, you will be part of our diamond club. As a diamond club member, you have proven to be sufficiently skillful to execute advanced trades. We are committed to provides you with the followings as part of our elite club member

Frequent technical and fundamental analyses for stocks of our choice

Our trading method that led to our success


Continuous support for your investment as part of the tradepal program


Exposure to what we buy/sell in the equity/FX/CFD market for educational purposes


Videos, pamphlets, e-books and other products that help you make more educated decisions in trading.


Market updates, news, insights that could help trader’s decision making process.


Discussions, question/answers as part of our commitment to walk alongside you when it comes to trading in the stock market.


Having constant access to our traders at anytime to answer your questions and to share their experience.


Also if you purchase annual subscription to our club, you will get free access to silver pack as well.


If you are interested, contact us for further information.

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